Souvenir du Pays de Galles par les 4e1

  We went to Wales on Sunday 10th June 2018 for 5 days. We were four hours in the bus and took the ferry in Ouistreham near Caen and travelled on “Le Normandie” on the Channel. After we still had four hours to get to Cardiff.
  We arrived on Monday the 11th of June and we ate at the KFC restaurant but we disliked it. In the afternoon, we learnt about and played Cricket then we wore a t-shirt for the group photo. In the evening, we met the families and we ate alone.
  On the second day we visited Cardiff Castle and in the afternoon we went to the Techniquest.
  On the third day, we visited Saint Fagans and then we went to Big Pit which was a coal mine. On the last day we went to Bristol to visit the SS Great Britain and in the afternoon we went shopping in the city of Salisbury.
  We did shopping every day except on the third day because we didn’t have time. In the family, we liked lasagna but we disliked peas. We were very surprised because the family never ate with us.
  To conclude, we discovered another culture and had a good time because we visited interesting places.

Amélie Boëzet ,Camille Labbé, Typhaine Le Floch et Kaoura le Mechec

Souvenirs du Pays de Galles

Une présentation en anglais du périple au Pays de Galles réalisée par 3 élèves de 4e4 de l'an dernier...

  Our trip to Wales
We went on a trip to Cardiff (Wales) From Sunday, June 10th to Friday, June 15th. Here is an account on our trip :
We left Plouay by bus on Sunday at 4.30 pm and we arrived in Ouistreham at 9.00 pm to take the ferry. We took the ferry at 10 pm. The name of the ferry was”Le Normandie” and it was bigger than our houses !!
We visited it : we saw a lot of shops, restaurants, pubs and cinemas. It was very nice. The sea was calm during the crossing.
We arrived in Portsmouth at 6.45 am (British time), and then we took the bus again to go to Cardiff where we had lunch in a KFC at 1.00 pm.
After that, we went to Swalec Stadium to play cricket.
First, a man told us about the rules of cricket, and then we practiced. It was very nice. We put on cricket jerseys and we took a picture of our group. Then, we had a little shopping in Cardiff City centre and after that we met our host families at 7.00 pm.
For dinner, we had hamburgers with chips and after dinner, we watched “Love island” on TV. On the Tuesday morning, we woke up at 6.50 pm and we had breakfast. For breakfast, we had milk, cereal and toast with Nutella, butter or jam.
In the morning, we visited Cardiff Castle. In it we saw lots of rooms that haven’t changed since the 19th century. We then had a break in the park of the castle, and then we went up the keep from where we had a beautiful view.
After that we had lunch in another park where we met a drummer playing music. He was all dressed in green. We talked with him and his friend. They were so nice. We’ve got his instagram.
For lunch, we had two ham and cheese sandwiches, an apple and a bar of chocolate.
In the afternoon, we went to the Techniquest. We made lots of scientific experiments. It was so cool ! Then we went shopping again. We bought a lot of souvenirs and we came back home at 7.00 pm.
On Wednesday, we woke up at the same time as on Monday and our breakfast was the same as well. First, we went to see the ruins of a castle near Bridgend where we also saw a lot of horses and sheep. We had lots of fun.
Then, we went to St Fagans : it’s an open-air museums with lots of houses from different periods of time. We read about their history. It was nice because it was fun and we learned a lot of things. For example, we learned about the prefabs that were built after the second world war because so many people had lost their homes in the bombings.
We had lunch in St Fagans, but our drummer wasn’t there ?.
In the afternoon we went to visit Big Pit in Blaenavon. It’s a mine. We went down 90 metres underground. It was very nice and interesting.
Then, shopping again in a shop next to the mine and we spent the last night at our host family’s ?.
On Thursday, we left Cardiff and we first went to Bristol where we visited SS Great Britain. It is a 19th century ship which has been restored and it is now exactly like it was in 1845. There were wax models of people in the cabins and we took a lot of pictures.
Then, we took the bus again to go to Porstmouth but we stopped in Salisbury on the way to do some shopping.
When we arrived in Portsmouth we had to wait for an hour before getting on board the ferry. The ship was “le Bretagne” and it was like “le Normandie” with shops, restaurants, cinemas and a bar where there was a singer and a guitarist. We had dinner on the ferry : nuggets with chips, coca cola and ice cream. Then, we went on the deck to watch the view, we did some more shopping and we went to the bar because there was the show of a magician.
We slept in a reclining seats room, on very uncomfortable seats, so we didn’t sleep at all, or not much. When we woke up, we were very tired and then we had breakfast. Then, we took the bus again from St Malo to Plouay. It took us about 2 hours to arrive at our school where our parents were impatiently waiting for us. The trip to Wales was great but it was great to see our parents again too :-)
Thank you very much for this trip, teachers !

Louise Carval, Oriane Guillement, Lisa Pouézard 4è4